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About Eibonvale Press
Eibonvale is a small press that sits squarely between genres where the unpredictable and the unclassifiable are the norm. Falling somewhat within the area of writing known as Slipstream, it specialises in works with their roots in Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, the Weird, Literary Fiction etc. but often with allegiance to none of them. Often with a little something extra or a certain amount of the unexpected. The press has been running since 2004 and has become firmly settled in its rather unusual place in the book world.

About the Books
Eibonvale mostly uses the Ingram / Lightning Source / Spark system.  Of the print on demand (POD) companies, they are substantially the best in terms of quality. The hardcovers especially are books that I am more than happy to include on the shelf. With the exception of a few early titles, most Eibonvale books have matte covers and cream interior paper. Most hardcovers have dust jackets, though the hardcover chapbooks and one or two other non-standard titles are casebound. The more recent titles take advantage of the new ability to

About the Art
All the art used on the book covers is my own work. I handle the entire process of design, typesetting and book creation.

About Us
Eibonvale is run by me, David Rix – something that I somehow keep going alongside several other strands of activity, including my own writing. For this reason, the press is and will remain quite restrained in scale. Letting things get too big or too ambitious is a sure way to crash and burn and one of my main priorities is to keep things at a scale I can cope with. See here for more info on the people behind the press.

Books can be purchased directly from Eibonvale using a simple Paypal shopping cart. The cart and ordering system is hosted and controlled by Paypal, not me, which makes it a suitably secure system. This is a one-man press – one very busy man, so orders may not ship instantly. I usually aim to process orders on a weekly basis. As a print on demand system, most orders are dispatched direct from the printers. This will include a few days of preparation time. Please note that books are dispatched from locations all over the world, which is why I can offer free/cheap shipping globally. 

You can also order from most large bookshops, such as Amazon. However, please note that due to the somewhat bizarre way the ‘system’ works, titles may sometimes be listed as “Temporarily out of stock” even though that is not the case. As far as I am aware, this kind of title is not ‘in stock’ as such, merely active and available on the system, which doesn’t fluctuate unless I personally disable a title for some reason. If a book is listed as for sale on the Eibonvale web page, then it is definitely available, regardless of any vagaries of the ‘system’.

Review Copies and Dealers
I very much welcome contact from reviewers and am happy to make both hardcopies and PDFs available.  Likewise, any dealer interested in stocking Eibonvale books is very welcome to get in touch.

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