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#20 - Invisible Influences

by Jason E Rolfe

Invisible Influences

66 pages

Published June 2022

Jason E. Rolfe is known for his quietly reflective and absurdist writing. This book contains encounters ranging from islands that don’t exist through to surreal logical loops and whimsical philosophical musings, to haunted woodlands and literary ghosts. Filled with hints of the meta and the self-reflective, these pieces have a tone that is uniquely the author’s – an excellent, melancholy and quietly odd collection of shorts and miniatures.


  • The Way of the Dead
  • The Last Moments of Daniil Ivanovich
  • Invisible Influence
  • Burma, 1942
  • Lost Confidence
  • Strawberry Milk
  • How They Met Themselves
  • The Man Nobody Knew
  • The Isle of Demons
  • Nothing Matters
  • A Sign
  • Nothing and Beingness
  • Why You Should Stop Reading this Story (and Read Something by Justin Isis Instead)
  • Dead Writers

Jason E. Rolfe is the author of three novellas, The Puppet-Play of Doctor Gall (Black Scat Books), An Archive of Human Nonsense (Snuggly Books) and Synthetic Saints (Vagabondage Press); as well as two short story collections for Black Scat Books, The Many Lives and Countless Deaths of Daniil Ivanovich and Clocks. His short stories have appeared in Uncertainties V (Swan River Press), Ghost Trains (Raphus Press), Bitter Distillations (Egaeus Press), The Neo-Decadent Cookbook (Eibonvale) and Le Scat Noir Encyclopédie et Dictionnaire de la Pataphysique (Black Scat Books). Jason lives in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.


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