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#23 - My Rabbit’s Shadow Looks Like a Hand

By Rhys Hughes

My Rabbit’s shadow
looks like a hand
that has contorted itself in order
to cast the shadow
of a rabbit on the wall

A experimental novella.

Price £16 / £7.50

Journey to the Centre of the Onion

#22 - Journey to the Centre of the Onion

By Allen Ashley

Welcome to a wild ride that is both macro and microcosmic.

Price £13 / £7.50


#21 - Emilianna

By Douglas Thompson

Did I only dream of Emilianna? Everything about the domain of Emilianna was unearthly, where other rules, or no rules, might apply.

Price £13 / £7


#20 - Invisible Influences

By Jason E Rolfe

Filled with hints of the meta and the self-reflective, these pieces have a tone that is uniquely the author’s – an excellent, melancholy and quietly odd collection of shorts and miniatures.

Fierce fires in prose.

Price £13 / £7


#19 - Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature

By Terry Grimwood

This mini-collection gathers together some of the author's more innovative and experimental short fiction from all across his range of styles.

Price £12 / £6


#18 - Furious in the Expanse

By Yarrow Paisley

So many souls rushing to fill the spaces I occupy.

Fierce fires in prose.

Price £12 / £6


#17 - The January Estate

By Charles Wilkinson

The January Estate presents a pair of stories that showcase the author’s unique style.

Price £12 / £6


#16 - The Illiterate Ghost

By Alan Price

A collection of short stories, miniatures and flash fictions exploring ideas and feelings of apprehension concerning the satirical, the quirky, the mad, the horrific, the erotic and the unnameable.

Price £12 / £6


#15 - Tomorrow, When I Was Young

By Julie Travis

An unusual and elegiac fantasy novelette that ranges from the wilds of Peru to the city of the dead, and on to more dreamlike places.

Price £12 / £6


#14 - La Ronde

By Colin Fisher

There are few rivalries bitterer than that of siblings, and few more ferocious than that of art.

Price £14 / £6.50


#13 - All That Is Solid

By Rosanne Rabinowitz

Anxiety, atoms, art therapy and Brexit.

Price £12 / £6


#12 - Animals of the Exodus

By Alexander Zelenyj

A 70-page festival for the world-broken.  Because there are paths.

Price £14 / £6.50


#11 - The Lighthouse

By Jeremy Schliewe

A story in which the melancholy quiet of small-town America is tinged with the faintest touches of understated mystery. 

Price £12 / £6


#10 - Some Pink Star

By Sophie Essex

An experimental poetry collection that explores the correlation between sex and violence, the willingness of either and both.

Price £12 / £6


#9 - The Man Who Murdered His Muse

By James Champagne

Set among the alt and goth scenes in a small US college city, this novella is a dark and sharp horror story about the art of writing, twisted intellectualism, mainstream success and the sometimes highly warped relationships people can have with their creative muses.

Price £12 / £6


#8 - The Uneasy

By Andrew Hook

Andrew Hook weaves the poignant and erotic story of a British expatriate and her increasingly surreal quest for sexual fulfilment.

Price £12 / £6


#7 - Third Instar

By David Gullen

Third Instar is a vivid, evocative and ultimately dreamlike fantasy novella set in a city on the edge of the world in the most profound sense.

Price £12 / £6


#6 - Family Matters

By Gaurav Monga

Gaurav Monga’s Family Matters is a set of miniatures laced with quiet absurdism and melancholy.

Price £12 / £6


#5 - Crossfaded in Narnia

By Ian Kappos

These five stories follow disaffected youths through the day-to-day routines that help them cope and into more surreal territory, where the destitute and the otherworldly intertwine.

Price £12 / £6


#4 - The Rimini-Ferrara Line

By Brendan Connell

An unusual and experimental chapbook constructed with a coloured interior and loosely based on Italian futurism.

Price £12 / £7.50


#3 - How I Learned The Truth About Krampus

by Tom Johnstone

A sharp and intelligently written horror story that delves deep into seasonal mythology and folk legend. 

Price £12 / £6


#2 - The Big-Headed People

by D. F. Lewis

Stories deeply rooted in both horror and dreams, yet told in a way that maybe comes closest to ‘outsider art’.

Price £12 / £6


#1 - The Drone Outside

by Kristine Ong Muslim

A mini-collection of dreamy and haunting sci-fi and strange fiction.

Price £12 / £6


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