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At the Lighthouse

edited by Sophie Essex

At the Lighthouse

270 pages

In this anthology are seventeen stories which explore the concrete yet eerie qualities of lighthouses: whether as memory capsules, vessels of otherness, phallic representations, sirenesque captivations, or elemental warnings. Come, be guided through the coastline of imagination to where the lighthouse awaits.

Post Tenebras Lux

About the editions

As well as standard hardcover and paperback versions, At the Lighthouse is also available in a 'photo edition' that includes several black and white photos by Sophie Essex. This edition is printed on a more photo-friendly 70lb paper.


Sourmouth-on-Sea Heritage Trail (A Walk In Seventeen Stages) – Jason Gould
Keepers – Andrew Hook
The Zond Tower – Terry Grimwood
The Sirens Are Calling In – Rory Moores
The Lighthouse at Addenbay – Pete Sillett
The Keeper – Ariel Dodson
Sea Glass – Julie Ann Rees
Three Days In The Grave of Sam Poe – Matt Leyshon
Night Lamp Lotus (An Attempt at a Strategic Guide) – Damian Murphy
Rising Tall and Slender – Tim Lees
The Lighthouse Sisters – Rhys Hughes
Safe Passage – Brittni Brinn
Not Sideways, But Upwards – Charles Wilkinson
House of the She-Devil – Tom Johnstone
Cygnus – Douglas Thompson
The Volkhova Perplex – Ashley Stokes
Turn Again, O My Sweetness – C.A. Yates





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