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All eibonvale Press titles can be ordered direct from the publisher with free postage to the UK the USA and Australia. Eibonvale operates with Lightning Source, who prints and distributes the books - an invaluable system that makes specialist presses like this possible. See here for my credo on that particular subject.


Placing an Order

Here's how it works. Eibonvale Press has a simple Paypal checkout that you can use to order books. UK and US customers simply add the books you want to the paypal shopping cart using the 'Add to Cart' buttons. You can then pay me for them either using a card or your Paypal account. It's a simple process and PayPal has proved an admirably safe and comfortable system to use. The order is then passed on to Lightning Source, who will prepare the book for you and post it out. Alternatively, payment by cheque is possible for UK customers. Just email me!

Customers from elsewhere in the world should email their order to, including their address and details of which format (hardback/paperback) you want. I will then charge you the shipping that Royal Mail quotes me. I can only accept paypal from abroad. Bank transfer is possible, but bear in mind that it will cost you extra in bank fees!

Preparation can take a few days, so please allow a bit more time than the normal postage time for receiving your book.

Alternatively, you can buy the books from various specialist dealers.


Forthcoming Titles

We also offer a reservation service on forthcoming titles. See here for more info: Forthcoming



In most cases, I do not handle the postage myself, the distributor does. And it has occasionally been known for books to arrive damaged. In such cases, replacements will always be provided. If you're not happy with a book, please email me at including a photograph or scan of precisely why you are not happy PLUS AN IMAGE/NOTE OF THE BATCH NUMBER, which is printed a page or two in from the back of the book. I will pass this on to the distributor along with suitable scolding and a replacement copy will be sent out.



Dealers are always welcome! Please see here for dealer terms, discounts and info.


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