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#22 - Journey to the Centre of the Onion

by Allen Ashley

Journey to the Centre of the Onion

60 pages

Published September 2023

Every journey occurs in both the physical and the psychological planes. Some people say that it is the voyage itself that matters rather than the destination. For certain, this is a trip like no other. Welcome to a wild ride that is both macro and microcosmic. Here is the Allen Ashley story you have long been waiting for.
Let’s go!

Allen Ashley is an award-winning writer, editor and creative writing tutor. He has published with Eibonvale Press many times before, including the updated version of his celebrated Slipstream novel “The Planet Suite” (2016) and the anthology “Humanagerie” (2018) – this latter co-edited with Sarah Doyle and shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award. His poetry collection “Echoes from an Expired Earth” (Demain Publishing, 2021) was nominated for an Elgin Award. Recent projects include guest editing an edition of “Sein und Werden” with the theme “Animal Vegetable Mineral”. Allen is the founder of the advanced science fiction and fantasy group Clockhouse London Writers.


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