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#19 - Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature

by Terry Grimwood

Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature

62 pages

Published March 2021

Terry Grimwood is an author who has made a name for himself with his very powerful, human and wide-ranging fiction, covering horror, speculative, dystopian and other styles. This mini-collection gathers together some of his more innovative and experimental short fiction from all across that range. The title story is a grotesquely hilarious, absurdist and very British tale of love, intrigue and the exchange of hearts that reads like a post-modern PG Wodehouse fever-dream. It is joined by a collection of miniatures in the form of monologues or dialogues, ranging from a dystopian sales pitch and the political horrors revealed through a farcically unnerving interrogation, to a quiet restaurant meeting where the topic of discussion could hardly be greater or more shattering.  Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature is an unusual example of British slipstream writing, a complex and bittersweet confection that deserves to be taken slowly.


  • The Doppelganger’s Nemesis
  • Beautiful Are the Feet
  • Kemistry
  • Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature
  • Did He Fall, or Was He Pushed?
  • War War

Electrician, teacher, musician (of sorts), actor (ham) and writer, Terry Grimwood has three novels and a handful of novellas to his name including the dark religious fantasy, Skin For Skin, and Joe which is inspired by a true story. He has also written plays, reviews and text books.


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