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Hal Duncan

400 pages

Songs For The Lost

What you have been taught, lover of the sublime,
is a lie that made you live a lie...

In the 21st century, a scalpel slices bible pages, passages spliced to restore lost truth. In the days of King Herod, the messias rises, calling to black sheep: walk with me. Now, here, between two aeons and across Æternity, a beloved student rebuilds his Gospel for the era of Anonymous: anarchist, socialist, atheist, revolutionary. Forget the tale you were spun and open your ears to the teacher who said, I will have mercy and not sacrifice. From the Hebridean fishing village of Capernaum, to a Jerusalem under Il Duce Pontius Pilate...

The Empire ends today.


Hal Duncan is the award-winning author of VELLUM and INK, along with numerous short stories, poems, essays, and even a few musicals. Homophobic hatemail once dubbed him "THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!!" (sic), and you can find him revelling in that role online.
Twitter: @hal_duncan


Testament available in the following formats:

Caledonia Dreamin'

  • Hardcover: £25
  • Paperback: £10
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